Advanced Robotic Knee Ligament Tester: Laxity Arthrometer

Premier Innovations in Arthrometry: Precision, Stability, and Joint Motion Measurement.

Knee laxity arthrometers deliver precision measurement for knee joint stability. Tailored for both clinical and research settings, including departments of orthopedics, radiology, sports medicine, and physiotherapy, they furnish trustworthy data to evaluate ligament injuries and monitor rehabilitation progression. These knee ligament testers are indispensable for enlightened decision-making in the realm of orthopedics.


Knee Ligament Tester: Knee Laxity Arthrometers

For years, Genourob knee laxity arthrometers have been trusted by premier institutions worldwide for their unparalleled precision in knee diagnostics and research. Our enduring commitment to accuracy and dependability guarantees that our tools will be instrumental in evaluating and aiding the knee, from the initial assessment to complete recovery.

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