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About Genourob - Advanced Knee Arthrometer Solutions

At GENOUROB, innovation intersects with precision in the heart of Laval, France, where our journey as a pioneering medical device manufacturer began. In 2007, amid a landscape where the best-known arthrometers revealed their limitations, a visionary collective of medical experts and academic partners embarked on a mission: to engineer advanced knee arthrometer solutions that redefine accuracy for the burgeoning healthcare sector.

Co-founded by Dr. H. Robert, a luminary in French orthopaedics, and Mr. S. Nouveau, with his dual expertise in medical and paramedical disciplines, GENOUROB has always been more than a company—it’s a crucible of innovation. As our CEO, Mr. Nouveau steers us toward excellence with the wisdom of his extensive background.

The GNRB arthrometer, our inaugural innovation, is a testament to the collaborative spirit of our founders. It swiftly ascended as an international benchmark in orthopaedic diagnostics, propelling GENOUROB to the forefront of arthrometer technology globally.

Our Core Values

Our Mission: Accessibility and Precision in Knee Ligament Testing

At the core of GENOUROB’s philosophy is a commitment to making knee ligament testing both accessible and affordable. With the average cost of an MRI test ranging from 280€ to 1500€ around the world, our innovations like the DYNEELAX and GNRB offer a more cost-effective alternative (from 20€ to 150€ depending in what country you are) , without compromising on quality. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering heightened sensitivity for partial ACL ruptures compared to MRI (DOI: 10.1016/j.knee.2023.03.017).

Our arthrometers are not just about cost savings; they represent a leap in diagnostic capabilities. By providing comprehensive knee functional analysis through both translation and rotation assessments, we aim to complement MRI technology. Our goal is not to replace MRI but to advocate for arthrometer tests as a preliminary, beneficial step. This approach could significantly benefit society (for example in France where annually 1 million knee MRIs are conducted, yet only 50,000 ACL reconstruction surgeries are performed).

The DYNEELAX, our latest innovation, is a testament to this mission. As the first motorized device focusing on tibial rotation and translation, it underscores our dedication to offering comprehensive and sophisticated solutions for knee diagnostics.

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Looking to the Future

GENOUROB’s commitment to ongoing research and development ensures we remain at the forefront of medical innovation. Our expanding product range is not just a showcase of our technical prowess but a reflection of our dedication to revolutionizing orthopaedic care and rehabilitation.

Join us at GENOUROB as we continue to forge new paths in the medical device industry, guided by our vision to make advanced orthopaedic diagnostics accessible, affordable, and integral to patient care worldwide.

What Our Clients Say


The device is effective, reliable and easy to use and assists to improve diagnosis and treatment of the ACL injuries.


I have now taken over 100 measurements on operated and conservative cruciate ligaments and am thrilled with the measurement method.


We have had an excellent experience with the use of our Dyneelax device for multiple research projects, including novel investigation of the sagittal stability of total knee replacements and revision total knee replacements.

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