High-Tech, Affordable Knee Ligament Diagnostics & Treatment Arthrometers for Modern Healthcare

Time To Rethink Knee Ligament Treatment

Why use Robotic Arthrometers?


Current Challenges :

MRI (Static Testing) is the current gold standard for diagnosing knee ligament injuries.

Yet, global health authorities note their frequent overuse and high cost.

Our Solution:

Knee robotic/dynamic arthrometers offer a groundbreaking solution to this problem: Dynamic Knee Testing.

These dynamic arthrometers surpass MRIs in detecting partial ACL tears (DOI Link: 10.1016/j.knee.2023.03.017 ).

Arthrometer Tech Benefits:

Dynamic arthrometers deliver greater efficiency at a lower cost.

By suggesting MRIs only when needed, they aim to lower patient costs and maintain MRI availability for more severe cases, like cancer for example.

Dual Approach:

It’s crucial to note that our approach does not seek to replace MRI but rather to complement it when a rupture is confirmed.

Pairing Dynamic Arthrometer Examinations with Static MRI Techniques significantly refines overall patient management.

A Better Future:

Welcome and step into the future of orthopedics with robotic arthrometers DYNEELAX/GNRB, where innovation meets affordability.

Dyneelax knee arthrometer
Dyneelax Robotic Arthrometer