Genourob’s Advanced Knee Solutions Presented by BMEC Asia at SMID 2024 Congress – Thailand

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Genourob is currently making waves at the SMID 2024 Congress with our trusted distributor BMEC Asia. This essential gathering, hosted by TOSSM Congress, is a hub of innovation and expertise where the leading minds in sports medicine converge to exchange knowledge and explore the latest advancements in the field.

The GNRB Experience Live at SMID 2024

At the heart of BMEC Asia’s booth is the GNRB, an advanced knee arthrometer designed for precise assessment of tibial translation. Attendees are experiencing live demonstrations, witnessing the GNRB’s precision in quantifying anterior and posterior knee laxity, essential for diagnosing ligament injuries and crafting targeted rehabilitation programs.

Highlighting the Dyneelax's Unique Capabilities

While the focus at the booth is on the GNRB, we are also discussing the remarkable capabilities of the Dyneelax. This cutting-edge system stands out for its ability to measure both tibial translation and rotation, providing a comprehensive analysis of knee laxity. The Dyneelax’s sophisticated approach offers invaluable insights for understanding the knee’s dynamic behavior, crucial for advanced diagnostics and therapeutic strategies.

bmec thailand stand

Engagement and Education at BMEC Asia's Booth

We encourage all SMID 2024 Congress participants to visit the BMEC Asia booth. Engage with our team to explore how the GNRB can integrate into your clinical practice. Understand the nuanced differences between the GNRB and Dyneelax technologies and discuss how these tools can complement each other to enhance patient outcomes.

Stay Tuned for Visual Highlights

For those who cannot attend, or for attendees who wish to revisit the experience, we will share a video recap capturing the highlights of BMEC Asia’s participation and our products in action. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates and exclusive content from the congress floor.

Genourob is delighted to see the GNRB arthrometer represented by BMEC Asia at such a pivotal event in sports medicine. We are committed to advancing knee diagnostic tools and are excited to contribute to the future of patient care through innovation and collaboration.

For detailed information about the GNRB and Dyneelax systems and their impact on knee diagnostics, please visit our website or get in touch with us directly.

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