Genourob Innovations Shine at the LT Health Conference with Abili – Kaunas, Lithuania

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We were thrilled to have our esteemed distributor, Abili, represent Genourob at the recent LT Health Conference in Lithuania. This prestigious event was a gathering point for experts, innovators, and stakeholders from the healthcare and medical technology sectors, showcasing the latest insights, advancements, and breakthroughs.

Genourob, a leader in knee diagnostics and rehabilitation technology, continues to set industry standards with our innovative dynamic knee laxity arthrometers, the  DYNEELAX® and GNRB®. These devices represented the pinnacle of non-invasive knee diagnosis and patient care, offering unparalleled precision and reliability during the conference. For more details about the conference, click here.

Spotlight on the GNRB and Dyneelax

The  DYNEELAX® and GNRB® arthrometers provided healthcare professionals with essential insights into knee stability and function. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, these devices enabled accurate measurements of knee ligament integrity, facilitating personalized and effective treatment plans.

  • GNRB®: Focused on delivering an objective and quantifiable analysis of anterior and posterior knee laxity, the GNRB® arthrometer was crucial for the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of ligament injuries, ensuring targeted rehabilitation.

  •  DYNEELAX®: Leading the way in dynamic knee evaluation, the Dyneelax system offers a revolutionary approach to measuring translation & rotation knee laxity during motion, which is critical for understanding knee behavior during physical activity and enhancing injury prevention strategies.

GNRB Device - ACL Assessment- Knee Laxity Testing Device
GNRB Arthrometer

A Look Back at Innovation with Abili at the LT Health Conference

Our distributor, Abili, showcased these groundbreaking products at the LT Health Conference, demonstrating the significant impact the  DYNEELAX® and GNRB® have on advancing knee health diagnostics and treatment. Healthcare professionals who visited the Abili booth experienced live demonstrations and engaged in discussions on how these technologies can benefit their practice and patient care.

To give you a closer look at the excitement and innovation that enveloped the LT Health Conference, we invite you to watch this special video captured at the event. View conference below.

Genourob is proud to have collaborated with Abili in bringing our advanced knee arthrometers to the Lithuanian market and beyond. Their commitment to excellence and patient care aligns with our mission at Genourob.

Reflecting on the conference, we are inspired by the connections made and the interest in our products. We thank everyone who participated and showed their support. Follow us on our social media channels for the latest on Genourob’s contributions to the medical technology field.

For more details about our products and their impact on knee health diagnostics and rehabilitation, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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